Scroll down for links to my favorite copywriting projects–from writing blog articles to developing and crafting creative materials.

Blog Articles:

Mash Stories blog

Creative Copywriting:

Piccadilly, Inc:
  • Draw the Story – Write 100 original pieces of micro-fiction (under 200 words) for a book for illustrators. Each story is fun and visual and challenges illustrators to… you guessed it: draw the story. This was hands-down the most fun I’ve ever had on a project. (Available for purchase at Barnes and Noble.)
  • Awesome Social Media Quizzes (in production): 75 fun quizzes, written from scratch, including scoring and outcomes.
  • Guide to Cannabis (in production)
  • Spell Check Challenge book – Research a list of 100 classic novels, then select engaging 300-word excerpts and add 13-20 spelling errors, plus answer key and introduction.
  • “The Story of Your Life” – A writer’s guide to crafting your own memoir – development and writing
  • “Write the Poem” – Writing prompts to inspire the poet in everyone.
  • “Write the story” – 200 writing prompts based on seemingly random words. Think reversed Mad Libs.
  • Alice in Wonderland coloring book – introduction and history
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