Manuscript Editing: Prose

I accept payment through PayPal.

  • Ebooks and short stories under 30,000 words: $0.01/word
  • Manuscripts of 30-100,000 words: $0.009/word
  • Manuscripts over 100,000 words: $0.008/word

Editing services include:

  • Grammatical errors, spelling, and typos
  • Sentence structure analysis
  • Clarity and strength of language (passive voice, unnecessary words and phrases)
  • Inconsistencies of formatting and style
  • Commentary on narration style, storyline, and character development (for fiction)

Manuscript Editing: Poetry

$1.50/page (one poem per page). This includes:

  • Basic proofreading listed above
  • Workshop-style commentary for the poems
  • Attention to the order (“arc”) of the poems in the manuscript as a whole

 Request a quote for all other services.



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